Christmas gift guide for parents of gamers. (2018)

It seems with every year that goes by, more and more parents are stuck on what to buy for their kids on Christmas. It is especially hard to buy something for your child if they are a gamer because most parents these days are not in the loop of the gaming world. This article will help struggling parents with some gift ideas for their gamer kids. 

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Rated M, $59.99 US (Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC)

Call of Duty is the biggest name in games today and it has been for a long time. It has been the best selling game every year for a while now and has millions of active players. Black Ops 4 is the most recent release and its one of the better Call of Duty games to come out in a few years. If the M rating is throwing you off, there is in-game content filters to make the game more appropriate for children of a younger age. Your child will love this as a gift because all of their friends are already playing it!

Where can I get it: Wal-Mart, GameStop, Target, Play-and-Trade, etc.

If you prefer online shopping here is a link to the game on Amazon:

2. Battlefield V, Rated M, $59.99 US (Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC)

Battlefield V is a new first person shooter, or FPS, game released in late 2018. Offering an arguably more realistic approach to warfare compared to Call of Duty, the Battlefield franchise has garnered it’s own loyal fan base. With millions of people to play with and gigantic maps to explore, there is endless fun to be had here. Although the game does not have a graphic content filter, this only adds to the realism of the war that the player is taking part in which is World War 2. Kids love experiencing what their older relatives may have gone through in previous generations and Battlefield V is the closest you can get to real in mainstream video games today.

Where can I get it: Wal-Mart, GameStop, Target, Play-and-Trade, etc.

Amazon link:

3. Xbox One X, $399.99 US

If your gamer has an original Xbox One or an Xbox One S, what better time to upgrade than Christmas? The Xbox One X does everything the other Xbox’s do but better. Games and movies look better on the Xbox One X because of it’s 4k abilities. Instead of the average 1080p the original has, the Xbox One X runs all compatible games at 4k resolution! Games that were not built for this machine still look amazing because of the graphic up-scaling feature the console has. 

Where can I get it: Wal-Mart, GameStop, Target, Play-and-Trade, etc.

Amazon link:

4. Elite Controller, $149.99 US (Xbox One)

Competitive gaming is getting more and more popular as the years go by. Competitive gamers are doing whatever they can to give them an advantage over everyone else. If your gamer has a competitive side this will be a perfect gift for them! It does everything a normal controller can do but also has additional paddles on the back for added functionality. It also comes with removable thumb sticks and d-pad, or directional pad. If someone you know is always taking about making it big in the competitive scene, this is the one for them!

Where can I get it: Wal-Mart, GameStop, Target, Play-and-Trade, etc.

Amazon link:

5. Gaming chair, approx. $100-$300 US

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours a day is really bad for you. It can lead to back and neck problems in the future. Do your gamer a favor and get them a gaming chair. They are super comfortable and are meant to be the healthiest place to sit for hours. This is a great gift for even non-gamers. Anyone doing online school or that works online would be better off with one of these bad boys.

Where can I get it: Surprisingly most retail stores do not carry gaming chairs, at least high quality ones. Your best bet is finding one online. Here is a link to Amazon’s choice gaming chair:

6. Gaming headset, approx. $100-$499 US

Being able to chat with people online is a must in gaming. Without that there would be no teamwork or coordination. Gaming headsets also give players an advantage because the in-game sound plays through the headset with accuracy so they know exactly what is going on around them. Headsets are very subjective because of a lot of factors. If you really want it to be a surprise, Amazon’s choice headset is a great one for a great price.

Where can I get it: Wal-Mart, GameStop, Target, Play-and-Trade, etc.

Amazon link:

7. Playstation 4 Pro, $399.99 US

Just like the Xbox One X, The PS4 Pro is an upgrade compared to the original Playstation 4 and the PS4 Slim. If your gamer already owns a PS4 rather than an Xbox One, you should get them this so they can continue on the same platform with all of their Playstation network friends instead of the Xbox One X. The PS4 Pro beefs up the graphics of all games that run on the system and games generally run better on it too. It never is dissapointing to get a more powerful console!

Where can I get it: Wal-Mart, GameStop, Target, Play-and-Trade, etc.

Amazon link:

8. Gaming monitor, $199.99+ US

Gaming monitors are meant for gaming, it’s in the name. They give you advantage over someone who is playing on a TV because of the faster refresh speed. If they already have a computer and a monitor, there is always room for more monitors so don’t let that discourage you. Having multiple monitors for PC gaming is a really nice quality of life improvement. Depending on how much you want to spend there are different kinds of monitors. A great monitor for a great price and one that I personally own will be in the Amazon link below.

Where can I get it: Wal-Mart

Amazon link:

Hopefully this list of items gives you somewhat of an idea or at least inspires you to get something similar for the gamer in your life. If you have any questions about any of the items or need help with anything feel free to contact me towards the top of the page. Have a merry Christmas everybody!

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