Video Game Tattoo Ideas

Games are a main staple in today’s society. It seems that everybody plays video games whether you’re a competitive PC gamer or you just play Candy Crush on your phone. Something that has been around longer but less accepted in today’s society for whatever reason is tattoos. People today are still judged by narrow-minded elderly business owners because of their tattoos. Thankfully as life has gone on, tattoos are being more widely accepted in the work world. I mean it is just art at the end of the day.

Like any two things people enjoy, tattoos and video games can come together quite nicely. A Pew Research Center study said that “38 percent of young people ages 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo.” and the number is rising. With more young people getting tattoos and more people in general playing games, it is no wonder that video game tattoos are becoming a huge thing. I want to lay out some great video game related tattoo ideas that I have seen around the web in hopes to inspire someone to go out and get one.

The Imperial symbol in Skyrim

Anyone who has played Skyrim knows how important this symbol is in the game. Not only that, it just looks cool too. I personally already have this as a tattoo and I haven’t regretted it since getting it. The Elder Scrolls series is constantly put on a pedestal as one of the greatest video game series of all time and the fifth entry is no exception. One play through and you’ll be in love, and what better way to commemorate the memories of one of your favorite games of all time than a tattoo?

The Crimson Omen from Gears of War

Tattoos of skulls are not the rarest thing in the world. The Crimson Omen from Gears of War is one of the most bad ass symbols for a video game I have ever seen. This one is multi-functional. If you really like Gears of War then it is perfect, but it is also a great tattoo if you like the whole skull theme. You can fit this into a sleeve pretty nicely. 

The Hunter’s Mark from Bloodborne

This is one of the simplest ideas on the list. If you aren’t the flashiest of people but still want a tattoo this one is great for you. Bloodborne is a Playstation exclusive with a cult following like the likes of Dark Souls so if you think this is the one for you, I’d advise actually playing through the game first. 

The bonfire from the Dark Souls series

Speaking of Dark Souls, here is a Dark Souls tattoo idea. The bonfire is one of the most memorable objects in Dark Souls if you’ve played any of the three games out. The bonfire symbolizes the feeling of accomplishing an overwhelming challenge. So this tattoo has some more meaning if you are into that sort of thing with tattoos. Some people get them just because they look cool, like yours truly. 


Last but not least is Mario. Who in the video game community is more recognizable than our main man Mario? Not only will this show off your love for video games, but it will also show your love for the classics and where video games all started. You can use a newer version of Mario or the classic original Mario, either way he will be recognized by loving fans. 

That’s it for my list of video game tattoo ideas. Some of these I have already but I’d like to have them all. Do you have any video game tattoos? If so which ones do you have? Which tattoos would you like to have? Let me know.

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