Black Ops 4: 5 ways to have fun playing solo!

Playing Call of Duty with friends is always a blast, but playing solo can be a boring drag for some players. I’ve collected some tips for you so you can have more fun if you are a solo player. I’ve used these tips on my own time when I wanted to play but nobody was on to play with.  They are also in no particular order.


  1. Mercenary playlists – A huge struggle for solo players is running into groups of people and just getting stomped. Mercenary playlist are for solo players only so it is fair for everyone in the game. These playlists have rotating game modes with varying player counts from 10-12. You’ll probably find some people to talk to in game chat in these playlists as well if you are into that sort of thing.SloppyStorms_CallofDutyBlackOps4_20181111_15-42-27 (1).png
  2. Switch up your class – Run a different class and switch up your play style. If you normally just use automatic weapons, switch it up for a sniper, shotgun, or anpistol for a whole new way of playing. Switching up the way you play can keep things refreshing and fun. Even try playing the objective super hard if you are one of those guys who doesn’t. Who knows you might like it. By the way, do not forget to mess with your scorestreaks a little once in a while. I know some people never change them and that is just wasting a whole section of the game! Be open-minded!
  3. Make multiple classes – Making multiple classes to use can change the mood of a match. With one class you could be getting demolished and that is no fun. Having multiple classes and play styles to choose from can turn the tide of a match in your favor but if not that, it will most definitely be more fun to play. Make an AR class, a sniper class, a shotgun class, make classes to your hearts desire. Do not limit yourself to one gun if you’re not having fun. This will lead you to burn out.SloppyStorms_CallofDutyBlackOps4_20181111_15-43-15.png
  4. Go for gold! – A fun challenge for even the most casual of players is getting gold on your weapons. This will have you using every gun in the game pursuing diamond and the beautiful dark matter camos. When you go for the different camos to get gold you will find yourself switching up play styles in order to get those challenges done in the most efficient way. Don’t try too hard though. If you find yourself getting bored of a certain gun or that you are getting absolutely trashed on, it is okay to switch guns. You are gonna be working on all of them eventually anyway so no harm done.

    Don’t forget about Specialists HQ either if you need a break!
  5. Take breaks – You are gonna find yourself in situations where you feel like nothing is going your way. You’re gonna be getting demolished and feel like you can’t win a gun fight. This is just Call of Duty. Make sure to take breaks when you feel this way. Black Ops 4 has two other game modes you can play and the disparities between them will be a fresh new way to play. Have some battle royale fun in blackout or go kick some zombie butt in the zombies mode. After a while come back to multiplayer and try again.

If you implement these five tips into your gameplay, I promise you will start having more fun and will want to come back for more everyday. What do you guys do for fun on Black Ops 4? To reiterate, this was a list of five ways to have more fun playing Black Ops 4 multiplayer as a solo player. Teaming up with friends is always way more fun. If you are looking for friends to play with, try out the gaming community I am apart of! It is called Revolution of Gaming and we would be glad to have ya. Here is the link if you are interested in making some new friends:

If you have any questions about signing up or anything about the website just send me a message on the site or email me at

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