Black Ops 4 Specialist Guide: Firebreak

Firebreak is one of the most used specialists in Black Ops 4 and a returning favorite from the previous game in the series. This guide is going to help familiarize you with the play style needed to take full advantage of Firebreak’s abilities. First on the list is the best class setup for the Firebreak play style.

Custom Class Setup

The basic idea of this class is to be able to run and gun. You want to be able to get in and out of the heat of battle quickly and efficiently to maximize success. Therefore, running an AR or SMG will be your best bet. This is the class that I would recommend for this playstyle.SloppyStorms_CallofDutyBlackOps4_20181110_15-50-36

The Saug 9MM being a SMG with a fast TTK or time to kill, it fits our play style perfectly. As for attachments I went for:

  • ELO – For optic, I went with ELO because it fits the play style the best although it can be changed based on personal preference.
  • Stock I and II – These attachments will keep you quick on your feet even if you are aiming down sights. With the stock II attachment, you will have superior aim while jumping and landing giving you an extreme advantage and help you with your jump shots. These attachments are essential for the perfect play style for Firebreak.
  • Grip – Last but not least is grip. This will help you maintain your aim for those longer range kills and jump shots.

The only perk that really matters for the play style is Gung-Ho. This will keep your fast pace while still being able to fire accurately at a moments notice. For perk 1, its a toss up between Scavenger or Tactical Mask. Pick Scavenger if you’re going for those high kill streaks or pick Tactical Mask if you’d rather be more resistant to hazardous game elements. For perk 3 the ultimate choice is Ghost. This will keep you off the radar when you don’t want to be, keeping you alive longer to rack up those kills.

The obvious choice for gear is the Stim Shot. This will get your health back up faster and more often keeping you in the fight. Also great for peeking engagements.

Firebreak’s Abilities

Now that you know the best custom class and play style for Firebreak, it’s time to familiarize yourself with his abilities and the best way to use them for maximum effectiveness. First up is the specialist weapon called the Purifier. SloppyStorms_CallofDutyBlackOps4_20181110_16-56-22.png


The Purifier is a flame thrower capable of close range destruction. This perfectly compliments the run and gun play style. Rushing and CQB are where the Purifier shines so stay on the move after popping this ability. On a good Purifier usage, 6-10 kills with this ability is more than possible. Try not to use it in the open though, since there is a short delay before you can actually fire when you first use it, there is a possibility you will be taken out during the animation. Don’t be afraid of wasting it by pre-firing either, whatever keeps you alive the longest is the best option so spray away!

Up next is the special issue equipment for Firebreak, the Reactor Core. SloppyStorms_CallofDutyBlackOps4_20181110_16-55-57.png


The Reactor Core is an AOE, or area of effect item, that slowly burns the enemy through walls, around corners, and even on a different floor than you. The closer the enemy is the faster they burn. This makes this specialist really good for objective based modes like Control or Domination where people bunch up more often. It is also good for taking out pesky campers so that is always a plus. As you get more experience with this equipment you will learn the best spots for you to use the Reactor Core. One thing is constant though, when you are outnumbered by the enemy and they are all pushing you, this ability will keep them at bay giving you more time to escape.

Play Style

I want to go more in depth on the run and gun play style. This play style means you are constantly on the move. Use flank routes, double-back and confuse the enemy, and rush! Make sure you are hard to hit and that the enemy never knows where you are at any given time. Stick to the outside of the maps. You will be taken out faster if you are in the middle of the map more often. Make sure you are aggressive. Peek around corners, rush in with a jump shot on wounded enemies, and stay on the move. Aggressiveness puts you in the advantage because of your SMG. You are a close range monster so use that to your advantage. Don’t be stupid and try to beat an AR at mid to long range. Play to your strengths and you will succeed.

There are some things to avoid while using this play style. These things will put you at a disadvantage.SloppyStorms_CallofDutyBlackOps4_20181110_17-46-06.png

  • Maps – Certain maps are just not good for the run and gun play style. These maps are ones that are more open and have less short range engagements. Maps like Icebreaker, Hacienda, and Jungle are not the best for CQB so avoid these maps if possible. Better maps are maps like Slums, Arsenal, and Summit.
  • Taking risks – Risk-taking is exciting, I get that, but if you want to live longer risk-taking is a no go. Do not over-extend, or push farther than you need to. If someone is holding an angle with an AR, LMG, or sniper rifle do not try to challenge them. You will die more often than not.
  • Reloading constantly – A lot of people obtain the habit of reloading after every kill. This is not as bad as the other things but it is good to avoid reloading until it is safe. Don’t reload right in front of someone. Make sure you are in cover and safe before you reload unless you absolutely have to reload.
  • Tilt – It’s understandable to get angry while playing games, especially Call of Duty. But in order to maintain focus and be on your A-game you will need to be level-headed. Keeping calm during a fight can give you an advantage over someone who is tilted. Just remember that you can always switch approaches if you feel like you are dying a lot and feel your judgment being clouded by tilt. Everyone has bad games.

Now that you know what Firebreak brings to the table and the best play style and class setup for him, you are ready to go out there and try it out. If you are used to a slower play style you may not be effective at first it will just take some getting used to. Good luck out there and like Firebreak says, “WHEN YOU’RE THIS HOT, THERE IS NO WAY TO LOSE!”

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